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Zhuoli Group.
  • Cost effective; Clear &Clean Printing;
  • Scratch resistant; Dry fast;
  • Non-pollution; Non-toxic

 Application:  Widely used in Pharmacy,Food,Packing industry to printing Batch

Number and text label.    

Zhuoli Group.



After pre-headed in the roll coder,

Hot Ink Roll can print good quality of production date,

batchNo.on various kinds of polyester films and packing materials.





Technology Data:

Product category Product type Print temperature Universal Features Advantage Size
Low temperature   ML23 90-120 Excellent adaptability for variety of different printiongsubstratesthe printing clearness,low cost Long service life, Excellent printing result for low temperature 36mm*10mm 36mm*16mm 36mm*32mm 40mm*40mm 48mm*60mm   Special size: Can be specialized  
Medium temperature   ML25 120-150 Fast-dry ability, wide printing temperature
High temperature   ML31 140-180 Excellent adaptability with suitable for high temperature and speed printing,strong adhesion
Color MLB-2 MLH-2 MLL-1 MLL-2 MLY 90-130 Bright colors,clear printing result handwriting

Zhuoli Group.Zhuoli Group.

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