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Companies adhering to the industry serve the country, big strong national industry ambition and philosophy, to the "excellent quality, the founding of the" as the enterprise culture foothold, to rise above the common herd, immediately Kunlun "as a corporate image display, to the more honest service and more advanced technology and more strong innovation personnel, continue to enhance corporate image and grades, extend the industrial chain, expanding the coverage of marketing, making use of the advantages of export, occupy the international market.

Zhuoli Group.

Enterprise quality

Character determines products, Personality cast into quality, management build up diathesis

Zhuoli Group.

Enterprise spirit

Excellent quality, the foundation focompany, Specialcharacteristics, remain the world’s first class

Zhuoli Group.

Business Management

With the serious attitude, we can do the right job. Withheart,we can do the better job

Zhuoli Group.

Business services

Excute World-wide distributions

The company attaches great importance to the construction of personnel, to attract domestic and foreign high-tech talents as the key to the rise and fall of the enterprise, at the same time, step up the pace, to promote the internal personnel of self - talent mechanism, increase training intensity, create more training opportunities, create a harmonious, win-win, progress and prosperity of the overall corporate culture.


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